Help Build a Culture of Compassion


With a deep focus on preserving local traditions and cultures, and providing access to education and healthcare to people living in remote Himalayan villages, we are achieving our goals at Karuna-Shechen, and setting the path for steady change! Much of this progress is due to your generous support!

To date, Karuna-Shechen has provided a remarkable amount of support to some of the most vulnerable populations in our world. Whether our services and programs take place in Tibet, India or Nepal, our field teams respect the local cultures and more often than not, employ people from the villages where we serve.

We are looking to you and our dedicated supporters and donors for financial assistance in raising enough funds to implement our program priorities for 2019. You have the opportunity to honor a family member, colleague or friend with a special gift this holiday season.

Thank you for joining us in building a culture of compassion!