A global initiative of altruism to raise money for our programs in India.

Join this world-wide event and be part of Karuna-Shechen's Altruism in Action!

$420 raised

$5,000 goal


Have you ever wondered what would happen if a bunch of supportive, generous people united together, across the planet, to provide warm and loving intentions for the same cause? Is this the kind of energy that changes the world? At Karuna-Shechen, we have a hunch that our global Yoga for Karuna event will do just that!

Today we invite yoga teachers, yoga enthusiasts and anyone who wants to be part of an altruistic project in our world to join Yoga For Karuna: A collective and united movement to support our projects in India. Yoga classes will take place at locations across the globe from October 19 thru October 21, 2018. In addition, classes will be offered online on the Karuna-Shechen website. We invite you to contribute by donating through this page.